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          About ABC Radio

          ABC Radio

          The audio platform for ABC News/Walt Disney Television.

          We’re ABC Radio, where more Americans get their radio news than any other commercial broadcaster.? We’re ABC Air Power, the premier entertainment service for music radio;? ABC Sports Radio, the essential play-by-play highlights and audio actuality network; and ABC Digital, publisher of news, entertainment, lifestyle and music format-specific stories licensed directly to more than 500 radio station websites.

          ABC Radio extends viewer engagement for premiere TV shows by creating high-quality, immersive audio experiences for Good Morning America, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The View, Dancing with the Stars, What Would You Do? and more of the programs Americans desire to view and advertisers demand to be associated with.

          If you’re interested in distributing our high quality audio on your broadcast radio station or digital platform, if you’re seeking an audio producer to create audio solutions that will drive your business, or if you’re interested in our radio satellite tour business and its strategic targeting of stations by demographic, please contact us so we can appreciate your needs and create custom solutions.