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          ABC Digital – News/Talk Format


          Format-Specific Feeds | ABC News Resources | Updated 24/7

          Dynamic, auto-updated news Web content.? If it’s on your air, it’s on your website.? We do the work. You keep the traffic.

          • Seven news verticals: National, Politics, World, Business, Entertainment, Sports, Health/Lifestyle.
          • Twelve music formats: Adult Contemporary, Lite AC, CHR, Hot AC, Country, Urban, Urban AC, Classic Rock, Classic Hits, Oldies, Active Rock, Alternative Rock.
          • Includes exclusive ABC News content, not available from anyone else!
          • Content feeds directly to your website, automatically.
          • Photos with every story, plus videos and social content.
          • Live streaming video of breaking news and planned events.
          • Content advisories so your talent can help push listeners to your website.
          • Breaking news alerts 24 hours a day, seven days a week.