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          Sales Features

          Sales Features

          Help your sales staff generate new business using our :25 and :60 features.?? They’re available for on-air broadcast and internet streaming and allow for a :05 billboard from your client.

          Contact: Heidi Oringer
          Director of Affiliate Solutions
          Heidi.B.Oringer@abc.com? |? 212-456-5541

          25-SECOND FEATURES

          HEY! IT’S YOUR MONEY

          Hey! It’s Your Money provides an inside look at how the economy affects the consumer and offers helpful tips. Updated every weekday.

          TAX TIPS

          Help listeners file their tax returns with this 30-part series (both :25 and :60 versions), which covers topics including e-filing, real estate, raiding your retirement fund and child credit, among others. Available annually starting in February.

          GOING GREEN

          Listeners want useful environmental news. Your advertisers want credible “green” content for their expanding “green” budgets. Let us help you satisfy both with Going Green, which offers positive, pro-active solutions your audience is seeking. Updated weekly. Two per week.

          HEALTH NEWS

          We sort through the studies and identify information that your listeners will find useful. This content is ideal for sponsorship by hospitals, medical practices and other health-related businesses. Updated weekly. Two per week.


          Preventative tips to keep your listeners at their optimum health. This content is perfect for sponsorship by beauty, health and wellness advertisers. Updated weekly. Two per week.


          Real Estate Reality gives your listeners tips on how they can get into the real estate market or protect their current home investment. Updated weekly. Two per week.


          Covering issues related to your listeners’ finances – from getting out of debt to college expenses, from cutting cell phone bills to saving at the pump. Updated weekly. Two per week.

          GOING MOBILE

          The latest, hottest and most useful news in mobile devices, in-car electronics and anything else you can take with you. Updated weekly. Two per week.

          60-SECOND FEATURES


          Headlines and analysis from around the world. Updated twice daily, Monday-Friday.


          News and analysis from our powerhouse political team. Updated twice daily, Monday-Friday.


          The latest on movies, music, television, and online entertainment news. Updated twice daily, Monday-Friday.


          Four one-minute business reports each weekday. Available by 6am, 9am, 12pm and 5pm ET.


          A daily look at the president’s goings-on. Available weekday mornings.

          TECH TRENDS

          Consumer technology with an emphasis on the needs of families. From PCs to home-gaming, Tech Trends is a solutions-based feature. Updated daily.

          FBI THIS WEEK

          An in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at the FBI and the tools it uses as the investigative arm of the U.S. Department of Justice. Updated weekly.