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          ABC Air Power – News/Talk Format


          Entertainment, Music, Kickers & More | ABC News Resources | Updated 24/7

          Complete your newscast with the most immediate, topical and complete radio show prep service in the industry today. Period.

          • Get all the headlines — music, movies, TV, celebrities, funny kickers, lifestyle news, sports, birthdays, this day in history and more.
          • Updated around the clock from New York, Los Angeles and Nashville — always the latest top stories when your shift begins.
          • Late-night TV monologue highlights; recaps of the most talked-about TV shows.
          • Breaking entertainment & music news bulletins 24/7, via email and Twitter.
          • Air-ready audio every day, easy to preview and download.
          • Multiple print and download text & audio options —choose the one that’s best for you!
          • Searchable story & audio archive.